Photography is the art of creating images by recording light either by means of an image sensor, or by means of a light-sensitive material.
My main objective is to take advantage of these elements and to make the most of the available space; mix reality with what is shown on the photo.
The observer is facing a new viewpoint, where a photo always changes, depending on where and how it is viewed. We hide something but at the same time, something different is revealed.



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Zoltán Boholy

Slogan alebo nejake kredo profesie




I created this page so I can showcase what opportunities lie in photography and what opportunities lie in me.

Look around, and you will get to know the person behind the camera. I am a self -taught photographer; I like to play with light, space and time. I believe that a photo retains these parameters if they are used the correct way.

I’ve been thinking about this idea for many years and I was inspired by a hugely talented artist: Janos Eifert, whom you can get to know on my page. There are many other styles that I like to use when I’m working and I’m showcasing a few of these on this page. You can view the rest on


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